Direct Contractor Management

Traditional contractor management organisations only take care of contractor payrolling - neglecting to manage compliance and HR requirements. Our clients use us instead, because they know we have everything covered.

Our comprehensive contractor management solution manages payroll, superannuation, regulatory compliance, and HR requirements – giving our clients confidence that everything is taken care of.

Our clients like that we provide a single point of contact to manage the administration and negotiation of contracts, and greater control over resources through visibility of costs. Our consolidated billing system, and guaranteed compliance gives clients the transparency they need to manage current resources, and plan for the future.

Our contractor retention rate of over 98% is reflective of our exceptional contractor management skills - providing our clients with stability and certainty to plan projects with confidence. We look after contractors with our market leading contractor care program, which includes a dedicated Contractor Care Consultant, online training, and a range of contractor benefits.

Why Paxus?

  • All inclusive contractor management solution managing payroll, superannuation, regulatory compliance, and HR
  • Ability to engage contractors as PAYG or Pty Ltd Company
  • Dedicated HR Manager to resolve contractor issues eg. poor performance, WHS, harassment etc.
  • Clear separation between you and the contractor eliminating potential liability for future entitlement claims
  • Visibility of costs through central management and reporting
  • Single point of contact to manage administration and negotiation of contracts
  • Streamlined methodologies that reduce recruitment effort and turnaround times
  • Tailored contractor inductions so contractors hit the ground running
  • Account management teams with 10+ years’ experience – so you know you are in good hands
  • 98% contractor retention, providing stability and certainty 
  • Statutory costs including payroll tax and workers compensation paid on your behalf
  • Ease of doing business – customised online timesheeting, real time visibility, consolidated invoicing
  • Market leading contractor care program improving contractor satisfaction
  • Termination management
  • Guaranteed compliance through our quality assurance certifications
  • Ethical and professional – we are a founding member of ITCRA, and have strong associations with Females in IT and Telecommunications, the Australian Network on Disability and the Project Management Institute.

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Direct Contractor Management