Sponsored Contractors

Paxus is able to assist international candidates gain correct work-rights for jobs in the Australian market. In October 2008, we were officially approved by the Commonwealth Government as an authorised holder of an “On-Hire Labour Agreement,” for sponsorship of overseas technology and digital workers seeking technology related jobs under the 457 visa program.

As a Paxus sponsored contractor, you have specific obligations that need to be met. You must:

  • Remain in technology related employment with Paxus
  • At all times carry private health cover to cover you and your dependents
  • Advise of any changes to your address and contact details
  • Advise of any changes to your personal status i.e. marriage, separation, divorce, birth of child etc.
  • Notify Paxus if you intend to travel overseas and disclose the duration of the travel
  • Notify Paxus when you apply for Permanent Residency or apply for or purchase a house or land as it will reflect a change in current visa status.

Can we sponsor you?

Before we can sponsor you, we need a specific project for you. All our active jobs are advertised on our website - view our current opportunities, see if anything is right for you, and apply. For additional information on any of our advertised roles, get in touch with the person listed as the key contact on the job ad.

I have found a role, can you sponsor me?

If you have found a position, applied and been successful, we can help you with your 457 visa application. Contact us to discuss how we can help.