Queensland Project Management Day of Service

Queensland PMI Chapter

Paxus works closely with PMI Queensland Chapter and PM4Change on first ever PMDoS The PMI Queensland Chapter in partnership with PM4Change will today host its first ever Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) – an initiative that provides free project management services to charities and not-for-profit organisations. As the first of its kind in Australia, […]

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Digital technology, how does it affect employee engagement and flexibility?

Digital technology - Paxus blog

Digital technology, how does it affect employee engagement and flexibility? Digital, it’s the new buzzword that is cropping up in media articles all the time! Seek has even created its own job sub-category but what is it? How is it affecting our economy? And why are people talking about digital technology so much? There are a […]

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Australia’s 2016 Digital Job Economy Snapshot

digital job economy - Paxus blog

The digital job economy of Australia is witnessing an ‘invisible digital boom’. Until a decade back, technology played the role of supporting customers and its implications in businesses and digital job economy were limited. Today, technology has become an essential part of the core product across different industries, sectors and niches. We are witnessing significant […]

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What to expect with the future IT workforce

IT workforce - Paxus blog

IT workforce, landscape and skill development IT workforce and skill development pose serious challenges in the development of the strong digital economy of Australia. The contribution of digitalization and new technologies to the economy of Australia is forecasted to increase to $139 billion by the year 2020. With an average growth rate of 2%, it is […]

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How to get an IT job, qualifications or industry skills

IT qualifications - Paxus blog

Future demand for IT jobs, qualifications and skill requirements Emerging digital trends have brought a new wave of digital disruption (and qualifications) in Australia. The digital disruption will bring business implications that will be even stronger in years to come. Deloitte’s Australia’s Digital Pulse 2015 Report forecasted that overall outlook for IT employment in Australia […]

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Digital Recruiter of Choice at Digital Disruption X Conference

Digital Disruption Conference

Digital Recruiter of Choice at Digital Disruption X Conference The Australian digital economy has experienced rapid growth over recent years. The contribution of digital technologies to the Australian economy was $79B AUD in 2013-2014 compared with $50B AUD in 2011, and is expected to continue growing as we embrace the globally-connected digital world. Productivity growth […]

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Insights into ICT ITCRA Employment Trends Q4, 2015

ICT employment trends

Insights into ICT Employment Trends Q4, 2015 Recruitment across the globe has evolved and during 2015 witnessed noticeable changes in the way recruiters sourced and found quality hires. These positive changes can be an indication of recruitment becoming a priority in the Australian ICT industry and the heating up of the global economy. Though economic […]

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Where are the IT jobs in Australia?

IT jobs

Where are the IT jobs in Australia? The economy of Australia is constantly growing and this trend is expected to continue further. Statistics reveals that Australia has entered its 25th year of economic growth and it is considered to be the second largest period of continuous growth witnessed by any developed country in the world. […]

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Reviewing SEEK’s Recruitment Trends in information technology

Seek's employment report

Reviewing SEEK’s Recruitment Trends in IT for Australian jobs Australia’s leading employment marketplace, SEEK has always been an important part of job search process in Australia for the last 18 years. It helps to empower Australians with education, career and volunteer opportunities in order to create productive as well as fulfilling working lives. SEEK’s recent data […]

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The buzz about cybersecurity and how it will define digital roles


What is cybersecurity and how it will define IT jobs? New technology! How exciting! Every organisation thinks this when adopting some of the latest technology advancements – think cloud computing or VPN work locations, however, some thought needs to be dedicated to their implications to a business. These technologies can provide massive benefits to an […]

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