Digital technology, how does it affect employee engagement and flexibility?

Digital technology - Paxus blog

Digital technology, how does it affect employee engagement and flexibility? Digital, it’s the new buzzword that is cropping up in media articles all the time! Seek has even created its own job sub-category but what is it? How is it affecting our economy? And why are people talking about digital technology so much? There are a […]

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8 misconceptions about working with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agency - Paxus Blog

Why you should work with a recruitment agency We have been in the recruitment and hiring industry for over 40 years! We’ve heard our fair share of misconceptions about why you shouldn’t work with a recruitment agency when finding work. Misconceptions often keep many job seekers from contacting us, using our services, so we think […]

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What are Staff Augmentation and Flexible workforce solutions?

Staff augmentation - Paxus Blog

Staff Augmentation and Flexible workforce solutions Managing staff deployment and utilisation within today’s ever-changing IT environment can be a complex challenge Understanding the ability to having key staff available (known as staff augmentation) to work on strategic initiatives can be limited by the need to maintain a reliable IT environment. The concept behind staff augmentation […]

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Insights into ICT ITCRA Employment Trends Q4, 2015

ICT employment trends

Insights into ICT Employment Trends Q4, 2015 Recruitment across the globe has evolved and during 2015 witnessed noticeable changes in the way recruiters sourced and found quality hires. These positive changes can be an indication of recruitment becoming a priority in the Australian ICT industry and the heating up of the global economy. Though economic […]

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Where are the IT jobs in Australia?

IT jobs

Where are the IT jobs in Australia? The economy of Australia is constantly growing and this trend is expected to continue further. Statistics reveals that Australia has entered its 25th year of economic growth and it is considered to be the second largest period of continuous growth witnessed by any developed country in the world. […]

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Will Recruiters Become Obsolete?


Will Recruiters Become Obsolete? Talented Recruiters will never become obsolete. There is no doubt that as social media and big data continues to improve, finding candidates will only get easier. Despite the ease of connecting with talent, candidates still need to be screened, nurtured and sold the position or company. Companies need Recruiters to work the social media platforms […]

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Should you use a recruitment agency to find a job?

Australian recruitment agency

Considering using a recruitment agency? Yes! Of course! But what are the real advantages of using a recruitment agency? Looking for a job is stressful. Tailoring your resume to different positions/companies, writing cover letter after cover letter, and spending hours scrolling through job boards take up a lot of time… There’s Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn – the […]

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The buzz about cybersecurity and how it will define digital roles


What is cybersecurity and how it will define IT jobs? New technology! How exciting! Every organisation thinks this when adopting some of the latest technology advancements – think cloud computing or VPN work locations, however, some thought needs to be dedicated to their implications to a business. These technologies can provide massive benefits to an […]

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