What to expect with the future IT workforce

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IT workforce, landscape and skill development IT workforce and skill development pose serious challenges in the development of the strong digital economy of Australia. The contribution of digitalization and new technologies to the economy of Australia is forecasted to increase to $139 billion by the year 2020. With an average growth rate of 2%, it is […]

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How to improve the Project Estimation process

project estimation - paxus blog

What is project estimation? Let’s define it, project estimation is the informed assessment of an uncertain event. It can be the sound basis for correct project planning. Estimation is critical for project managers as it accurate estimates are the groundwork for actual project planning and execution. Quite often it can be the most daunting part […]

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Emerging job opportunities for tech professionals in Australia

Jobs for tech professionals - Paxus blog

Emerging job opportunities for technology and non-technology professionals Information technology is all around us; it’s a big part of our lives. We use technologies every day – from the moment you wake up and check your smartphone for social media update, to taking public transport and pay for it using your smart card. Technical and […]

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