How to improve the Project Estimation process

project estimation - paxus blog

What is project estimation? Let’s define it, project estimation is the informed assessment of an uncertain event. It can be the sound basis for correct project planning. Estimation is critical for project managers as it accurate estimates are the groundwork for actual project planning and execution. Quite often it can be the most daunting part […]

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3 reasons why Recruiters could have the hottest career by 2025


Have you thought about becoming a recruiter? 3 reasons why Recruiters could have the hottest career By 2025 Studies are pointing to the fact that contractors or flexible workforce employees will make up at least half of our workforce in the next five the fifteen years. Workers attitudes are changing and we no longer ‘work’ […]

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How good is that candidate? Can you resist Ryan Gosling? Are you Ryan Gosling?

Assessing a candidate

Do you know how to evaluate a candidate? As a Recruiter, good looks and feeling a connection with someone can cloud your judgment, but do you know the right balance between your instincts and fact. As Recruiters, the only time your gut should be important is when you’re eating Macca’s after a Macca’s run on […]

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Why you need to hire people for their personality, not just qualification, experience and skills


Richard Branson is famous for quoting “A person with who has multiple degrees in your field isn’t always better than someone who has broad experience and a great personality”. Hiring a new employee can be a challenging (and stressful) period for anyone in business. People are the largest and most costly investment that can be […]

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Should you be Facebook friends with work colleagues?

facebook friends with work friends

Facebook friends, yes, no, maybe? Should you be friends on Facebook with work colleagues? It’s a question that is often a topic of controversy and quite often workplaces don’t know how to give advice to their employees. Is Facebook the correct place to be connecting to people at work? Social media – It’s here to stay! […]

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Paxus assists client with workplace diversity

Workplace diversity

Paxus assists client with workplace diversity On behalf of our valued IT Services client, Paxus have successfully on-boarded participants for a four week full-time Assessment and Training Program, offering a unique partnership opportunity to deliver initiatives targeted at workplace diversity. In conjunction with a specialist foundation, Paxus provided 14 Paxus Contractors to undergo assessment and […]

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