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Recruitment Goes Digital!

The world is going digital! Recruitment goes digital!

Until a few years ago, the influence of digitalisation was only prevalent in a limited number of industries. Times have changed – and the recruitment industry is evolving with digitalisation.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate looking for a job, the recruitment industry is witnessing a digital transformation. Most employers today are facing the same set of problems – increase in competition in the market for talent, reduction in the pool of qualified candidates, and a decreased supply of candidates actively looking for jobs due to increasing freelance opportunities.

“It has become really important for recruiters to differentiate themselves as a brand and look for new ways to find, reach, engage and retain quality talent”, says  Amanda Miles, Director of Operations, Technology and Marketing at Paxus. “To achieve these objectives, recruiters need to become tech-savvy, equip themselves with strong digital tools and master new-age digital techniques to enable them to reach a brand new audience”, adds Miles.

There has been a common myth that digitalisation is only about technology. Well, that is not the case. Recruiters need to look beyond this myth – digital transformation is a digital metamorphosis and extends to the very nature of humans and organisations.

“Recruiters need to turn to their marketing colleagues for digital expertise especially if they want to attract millennials (aka Generation Y) to their workforce” comments Miles.

Millennials are more tech-savvy and social-savvy compared to the previous generations in the current workforce. This shift has empowered them and influences choose how they wish to navigate their career. Generation Y places a strong importance on the reputation and visibility of an organisation in the digital world. They spend hours researching and reaching out to their networks to find out what is being said or perceived about a particular company.

What to focus on when attracting employees:

To leverage digital transformation to its true benefit, any organisation should focus on:

  • Building a brand for their organisation in the digital world
  • Using their employees to leverage their social and professional presence
  • Developing operational excellence in digitalisation to build a thriving and modern operation
  • Making it easy to capture customer feedback and more importantly, acting on that feedback!

What are the benefits of digitally transformed recruitment methodology? Recruitment goes digital!

When an organisation adopts digitalisation into its recruitment process, its influence can be witnessed in the overall culture, environment and operations of the organization. Prime benefits of digitally transformed recruitment include:

  • Digital and social amplification create greater awareness to the talent brand
  • Increase in the outreach of recruitment efforts leading to more qualified candidates
  • Improvement in the engagement and satisfaction of candidates throughout the recruitment process and within the organization.

Recruiters need to understand that digital transformation cannot happen overnight. It takes time and regular efforts to bring the shift towards digitalisation.

Capturing the power of digitalisation in recruitment will not only make recruitment efforts more productive, but also reduce friction and costs. Digitally transformed recruitment helps organisations adapt to the changing behaviour of candidates and their evolving expectations.

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