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Environmental Management Commitment

Environmental Management Commitment

There is no planet B. We're committed to reducing our impact on the environment through maximising resource efficiencies and providing an environmentally sound workplace for our employees.
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As a provider of technology and digital recruitment services, Paxus recognises the importance of minimising its impact on the environment as a key business principle. The focus of Paxus’ Environmental Sustainability Policy is to reduce its waste streams and maximise resource efficiencies in its offices via the appropriate use of electricity, water and non-renewable resources. By focusing on a holistic, information-based approach, Paxus strives to reduce its environmental footprint.

Paxus recognises the success of an Environmental Management System (EMS) is dependent on an ongoing programme that optimises the entire production and consumption life-cycle. This includes issues such as power usage, supply and demand chain efficiency, disposals and recycling, office design, commuter and business travel, employee engagement with initiatives, regulatory compliance, and brand management.

Paxus will:

  • Incorporate sustainability principles into business solutions.

  • Document, monitor, review and continually improve our EMS to ensure its goals and objectives are being met.

  • Operate in an ecologically sustainable manner by reducing waste and the use of energy and resources within our control.

  • Work closely with all employees to develop and implement agreed environmental initiatives.

  • Provide an environmentally sound workplace for our employees and establish standards that will promote the use of environmentally friendly processes and materials that complement and enhance existing safety standards.

  • Make available a copy of our Environmental Sustainability Policy/Statement to staff, customers and the general public.

  • Annually report our environmental management progress.

  • Engage with suppliers and contractors who are actively minimising their impact on the environment.

  • Ensure the EMS is compliant with ISO14001.

  • Comply with all legal requirements, on environmental sustainability.

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