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About Paxus

Learn more about leading IT Recruitment agency Paxus, our parent company Adcorp, and how to join our team.

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The image displays a logo consisting of the word "paxus" in lowercase letters with a unique design element on the letter "x". below the main word is "by adcorp" in smaller letters, also in lowercase, suggesting that paxus is a brand or a product owned by adcorp. the color scheme is a blend of black and gray shades.

Paxus by adcorp

Paxus is a leading IT recruitment agency in Australia and our experience spans over 50 years. We work with businesses of every scale to source specialist talent and partner with top industry associations to ensure we operate at the highest ethical standards.

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Adcorp logo – blue text with the tagline "connecting human potential.

adcorp connecting human potential

Our parent company, Adcorp, is one of the most successful global workforce solutions companies in the Southern Hemisphere. They operate throughout South Africa and Australia to enable agile, focused and skilled workforces for the future.

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Join Team Paxus

Paxus is a place where you can grow your potential in the Digital, Tech and IT recruitment industry. Join one of the best IT recruitment agencies - achieve and exceed your career objectives with our learning and development opportunities, guided job pathways across IT Recruitment, and access to a multitude of educational resources.

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