Why is it cool to work at a tech and digital recruitment company?

Tech and digital recruitment

Working in tech and digital recruitment is cool! Not many people think “cool” when you associate tech and digital recruitment when they think of a career, but personally, love working in tech and digital recruitment. We are connecting the dots in the business world by finding the best IT people and connecting them with Australia’s […]

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3 reasons why Recruiters could have the hottest career by 2025


Have you thought about becoming a recruiter? 3 reasons why Recruiters could have the hottest career By 2025 Studies are pointing to the fact that contractors or flexible workforce employees will make up at least half of our workforce in the next five the fifteen years. Workers attitudes are changing and we no longer ‘work’ […]

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Emerging job opportunities for tech professionals in Australia

Jobs for tech professionals - Paxus blog

Emerging job opportunities for technology and non-technology professionals Information technology is all around us; it’s a big part of our lives. We use technologies every day – from the moment you wake up and check your smartphone for social media update, to taking public transport and pay for it using your smart card. Technical and […]

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ICT Recruitment Trends 2016 – Sophisticated Data Analytics


Did you see the recent Recruitment Trends article on Pulse written by Sarah Strahan Paxus’ Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Specialist? Sarah writes about the forecast recruitment trends for 2016, social media and big data, take a look below: Recruitment Trends 2016 – Sophisticated Data Analytics Whilst social media has opened up a much wider talent pool […]

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Where are the IT jobs in Australia?

IT jobs

Where are the IT jobs in Australia? The economy of Australia is constantly growing and this trend is expected to continue further. Statistics reveals that Australia has entered its 25th year of economic growth and it is considered to be the second largest period of continuous growth witnessed by any developed country in the world. […]

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