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Future-Ready: Rethinking Candidate Attraction

A client success story.

The Client

Our client develops and delivers policies and programs and advises the Federal Australian Government in their large and integral designated field.

  • Industry

    Federal Government Department

  • Business
    Size of Business

    5,000+ employees

  • Location


  • Service

    Talent Solutions: RPO

Their Challenge

We partnered with the Department to address their challenges in attracting IT talent. They were struggling to position their brand and workplace attractively within the IT sector, prompting our collaboration to reenergise their recruitment approach.

Our Strategy

  • Our client faced difficulties in appealing to IT professionals due to industry perceptions. We identified an opportunity to reposition them as an appealing workplace for IT roles, particularly for undergraduates exploring career opportunities.

  • Our innovative solution involved devising a recruitment campaign targeting second and third-year university undergraduates. We curated roles within the Department that allowed for 30 hours of work per week, offering flexibility around academic commitments, a unique proposition in the market.

  • The recruitment process began with comprehensive screenings, behavioural phone interviews to assess alignment with the Department's 'ITD Mindset,' and confirmation of Australian citizenship - a crucial requirement. Candidates underwent rigorous assessments including psychometric profiling and competency ranking.

  • Following this, the top 12 candidates engaged in face-to-face interviews featuring tailored questions to gauge their suitability. The subsequent 'speed dating' style interview format with client panels facilitated swift yet thorough assessments of the top 8 candidates.

Tailored Undergraduate Attraction Campaign

Tailored Undergraduate Attraction Campaign

12 Candidates > 5 Offers

12 Candidates > 5 Offers

Facilitated Buddy Program

Facilitated Buddy Program

The Outcome

Five candidates were successfully offered roles across four different departments within the broader Department. Upon commencement, the candidates completed an on-site induction, supporting their successful integration into the Department's environment. The induction process included introductions to senior management and their assigned buddies which further enhanced the onboarding process.

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Ongoing Impact

Our collaboration helped re-shape the department's talent acquisition strategy, creating a successful model to attract and nurture fresh talent within the government sector.

  • Enhanced Talent Attraction:
    The recruitment campaign saw over 80 candidates applying, reflecting heightened interest and awareness among undergraduates about the Department's appeal for IT roles.

  • Skill Enhancement:
    External certifications in key fields enriched candidates' skill sets, aligning them with industry demands and future-proofing their careers.

  • Cost-Effective Recruitment:
    Our tailored approach streamlined the recruitment process, saving time and resources while meeting specific client criteria.

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