What to expect with the future IT workforce

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IT workforce, landscape and skill development IT workforce and skill development pose serious challenges in the development of the strong digital economy of Australia. The contribution of digitalization and new technologies to the economy of Australia is forecasted to increase to $139 billion by the year 2020. With an average growth rate of 2%, it is […]

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Are you job searching? Take a look at this job search image to help

Job search image

Use this job search image to help you with searching New to job searching? Considering a new role? Not sure where to start? Due to technology, the recruitment landscape has changed over the past few years to incorporate the exploding digital world…. The job search image below can be used as a mind map and checklist […]

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John Rockefeller – “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go after the great”

John Rockefeller quote

It can be hard to step out into the unknown ‘NEXT’ when what you have is comfortable and you’re not guaranteed comfort in your next decision. Are you are you shying away from “great” because you’re reluctant to leave the guaranteed comfort of “good”? John Rockefeller had this advice…

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