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What is volume recruitment?

​Hiring for a new IT role can consume your time and resources – but when you need to fill multiple positions at once, it can soon become overwhelming. Growth is always an exciting opportunity for your company. But, ensuring you have the right staff to reach these new levels is critical to your company’s success.

Higher recruitment volumes demand the right technology and expertise to back it. Outsourcing your volume recruitment is crucial to getting the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. A benefit of outsourcing includes saving your business time and money, while keeping things functioning smoothly on the ground. But what is high-volume recruitment? And when is the right time to use a recruitment agency?

What is high-volume recruitment?

High-volume recruitment is the process of hiring a large number of staff within a specific and limited period. This period is considered short when compared to the number of roles that need to be filled, but there’s no exact number that constitutes volume recruiting. Some companies may consider it within the single digits, while larger companies could be looking at the hundreds.

Your company might have a great talent acquisition strategy, but volume recruitment can quickly expand upon your teams’ resources. Here are three situations where a recruiter can help with your hiring needs.

You need top-tier talent that lasts

Finding the right candidate is essential to the hiring process. Technical skills can bring someone into your workforce, but being the right fit will ensure they stick around for the long-term. You might not have the time or resources to consider the “company fit” when filling multiple positions. This can lead to lower productivity and increased attrition rates within your company.

Outsourcing your volume recruitment gains you access to an extensive database of pre-qualified candidates. A credible agency will work to match candidate skills and their values to your company needs.

You need temporary staff for a project

Hiring for contract roles can be as demanding as hiring for a permanent position. Projects that are crucial to business development often require diverse and skilled teams for short periods of time. Any mishaps can add lengthy delays and jeopardise the project timeline. Staff management, such as onboarding and payroll, can add pressure to the workloads of your busy team and increase your staffing costs.

A reputable recruitment agency will provide you with additional staff augmentation services. This gives you access to a large talent pool of pre-vetted IT professionals, such as Business Analysts and Change Managers, that are matched to your project requirements. You’ll have a skilled project team ready to go exactly when you need them. And when you don’t? You won’t have to pay for them. Find out more about Paxus’ IT Staff Augmentation.

A new location is on the horizon

Opening a new location can do more than give you front-row access to new markets. If you’re kicking off a new branch interstate, you’ll need to find people to fill those roles. You may have some keen team-members willing to set up the new office, but you’ll still have an abundance of roles to fill.

Starting a new branch isn’t the only time you might look nationwide for new staff, given that remote and hybrid workforces are now here to stay. You can gain access to a larger talent pool by advertising your roles remotely. Virtual onboarding will be expected, where you’ll need the right processes in place to ensure a smooth start for your newcomers if you haven’t got it already.

Outsourcing your remote or location-based recruitment is guaranteed to ensure an effective and hassle-free adjustment. Current team members will comfortably adapt, while new staff will feel welcomed. At Paxus, we have offices located in every major city in Australia. This means we have people on the ground ready to support you from the get-go, whether it’s by filling your new office space or by onboarding your remote teams locally.

Our innovative volume recruitment process and extensive professional database means we'll find, screen, and onboard the best talent at scale. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you source the right amount of candidates, right when you need them.

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