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Permanent Recruitment

There's a lot riding on hiring a permanent employee. Not getting this right the first time can cause a lot of headache, from increases in recruitment costs, productivity downtime, through to the potential negative impacts on team culture.
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Complicating things further - it's never been so hard to find and secure the right people. With increasing skill-shortages and fierce competition, there's no doubt you must partner with a specialist IT recruitment agency to lock in the best people. It's lucky then that you've landed in the right place.

As your first destination for tech + digital talent, Paxus is the country's leading recruitment agency. Trust us to help you overcome these challenges and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Our vast database of IT professionals, extensive industry networks, innovative talent attraction strategies, as well as our rigorous screening and selection process means you'll only receive the best. And when we say best - we don't just mean those who tick all the prerequisites but are also a right fit to your organisation.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your permanent recruitment requirements.

With Paxus, you'll receive the following with our permanent recruitment services:

  • Comprehensive screening and interview process, including psychometric, technical, and personality testing.

  • Much higher chance of securing the right person, the first time.

  • Opportunity for you to focus on your core business rather than on resource-intensive recruitment activities.

  • The ability to source a broad range of IT specialist roles.

  • Significantly reduced Time-to-hire.

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"Paxus provided an excellent service in getting us resources to fill the gap we had. They were quick to reply to emails and phone calls, pivoted well when things changed, and were true professionals through all dealings."


Project Manager

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