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At Paxus, we don't believe in the 'jack of all trades, but master of none' approach. Instead, we focus purely on digital and tech. So, we really do understand the IT job market, its intricacies, and opportunities for growth.
Software Development + Testing Thumbnail

Software Development + Testing

​​We have an insatiable demand for new software and mobile apps. To meet this need, our clients are always on the hunt for talented and skilled software developers and software testers to bring these to life.

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AI + Robotics Thumbnail

AI + Robotics

AI and Robotics is an area experiencing rapid growth. So, it's no surprise the opportunities to grow your career in this space are too.

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BI + Data Analytics Thumbnail

BI + Data Analytics

The information produced by BI and Data Analytics experts drive some of the most important business decisions. So make your mark and employ your expert technical and problem-solving skills by applying to one of our open jobs today.

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Cloud + Infrastructure Thumbnail

Cloud + Infrastructure

Cloud technology is no longer the new kid on the block. Most organisations have now migrated to the cloud, and with it comes endless possibilities to work in this exciting area.

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​​Digital his a fundamental channel in communicating with potential and existing customers. So, there's lots of opportunity to flaunt your digital skills by applying to one of our digital roles today.

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​Whether you love getting into the nitty gritty of customer data in CRM systems, or helping to streamline business processes by working with ERPs - we want to hear from you.

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Executive IT Thumbnail

Executive IT

Behind every successful organisation is usually an exceptional leader forging the way. Make a difference and apply to one of our executive roles today.

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IT General Thumbnail

IT General

The digital and technology space is an exciting area to grow your career. From those just starting off in an entry-level role, through to senior professionals with years of experience - we have open roles available across all functions and skill levels.

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Project Services + Transformation Thumbnail

Project Services + Transformation

Nowadays, most organisations understand the importance of continuously investing in their IT. This is why there's always a steady demand for IT Project Managers capable of successfully managing these projects from inception through to delivery.

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Security + Cyber Security Thumbnail

Security + Cyber Security

​The escalating risk and increased sophistication of cyberattacks have meant organisations are now prioritising the security of their systems. With this, comes immense opportunity for cybersecurity pros to grow their career in this field.

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