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A person sitting at a table and reviewing a connector price guide and market insights on a digital tablet.

2024 Contractor Rate Guide & Market Insights

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The image displays the word "paxus" in white lowercase letters with a stylized design element consisting of a green chevron and dark elements on a dual-tone background split diagonally between dark blue and black.

A graphic spread showcasing various information panels, such as "contractor rate guide," with data and statistics related to contractor rates, locations of engagements, security clearance levels, and a pie chart detailing project responsibilities. these panels seem to be part of a professional presentation or report, possibly within the tech or digital market industry.

Explore our 2024 Contractor Rate Guide & Market Insights

This guide is compiled from thousands of recent contract roles filled nationally by Paxus. Discover insights on how the current economic landscape is reshaping the IT labour market and what’s happening in the tech and digital sector. 

Amidst these changes, specialised IT skills remain highly sought-after, driven in part by the increasing demand for AI-driven projects. Whether you're a job seeker navigating through opportunities or an employer seeking valuable contractors, now is the time to leverage the evolving dynamics.

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