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A person holding a tablet displaying a presentation slide with the title "contractor rate guide + marketing insights."

Contractor Rate Guide & Market Insights

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The labour market is currently recalibrating due to many economic factors, and the tech + digital sector is undergoing period of stabilisation.

The good news for job seekers is that specialised IT skills are still in high demand, AI will continue to drive job requirements, and projects still need to be completed. For employers, it’s an opportunity to attract valuable candidates, given the increase in the rate of applications per role at the moment.

Our 2024 Contractor Rate Guide & Market Insights shares information for both employers and contractors or candidates alike, with rates comprised from thousands of recent contract roles filled by Paxus nationally. We hope you find this information useful!


A professional presentation layout featuring multiple data charts, text sections with headers like "contractor rate guide" and "security - app security," and a modern design with dark backgrounds and green accents.

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