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Top 5 things to do after a job interview

​Have you considered these top 5 list of things to do after a job interview?

The Paxus blog has talked about many topics surrounding job interviews for example how to respond electronically for an interview once you have got that email, how to answer top questions so that you can be best prepared, and how to assess the right job offer once it has been made however what we really haven't talked about is what to do after the job interview. Waiting to hear back after a job interview is frustrating, we know, it's actually our biggest complaint. Especially if it's a great opportunity and you are really keen for the job, it's hard sitting around waiting for the phone to ring to find out if you have the job or it's progressing to the next stage. Next time, consider these top five things to do after a job interview.

The follow-up – do you/don't you

Ah, awkward. You don't want to be over-the-top but you don't want to be perceived as not interested. Following up ensures a potential employer that you are interested in the job just as much as you were before the interview. Ask your Paxus Recruiter the company style and if you think it would be worthwhile or not.

It's the small things

Honestly, hand on heart we remember the good candidates. They stick out in our Recruiter or Account Managers minds. Consider sending them a quick thank you email after the job interview, or a quick phone call. It makes you stand out from the crowd and if you aren't successful or you're a contractor and need placing again you will be front of mind. Consider sending one to the Hiring Manager as well (ask your Recruiter about this)

Don't be arrogant

Don't directly contact the Hiring Manager on LinkedIn or Facebook (BIG NO NO) directly after the interview. In reality, people are protective over their friends and networks. Sending a request can come across as though you are presuming you got the position. Just hold off until a later date.

Think beyond (one of Paxus' values)

There is a fine line between coming across eager and too eager. No one likes a pest, always, always, always ask during the interview what is the planned timeline or hiring schedule at the end of the interview. If you have an idea when you are likely to hear back you can set some expectations. If you haven't heard back in the timeframe that was suggested it's reasonable to follow up.

Be friendly and nice

Keep your contact short and sweet. You don't have to write a manuscript when enquiring about a position. Stick to the point however always be polite when responding. Your friendliness shows your continuing interest in the position. The key is being persistent but not pushy. If you find that you have done all of the above but not hearing an answer you can assume it's time to start looking for new positions. Remember never keep all of your eggs in one basket, be proactive and apply for multiple jobs, chances are that you will get an offer sooner or later. Don't give up! If you see a job on the Paxus website that you are interested in or your dream role, don't be hesitant – apply away! Looking for other career advice? We have lots of information on our blog. 

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