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The 20 top paying IT roles in 2024

Australia’s technology sector is presenting a strong opportunity for job seekers, even in a difficult climate. Three out of 10 of LinkedIn’s roles with the highest growing demand recently were in tech, and every two in 10 of the most advertised roles on LinkedIn were tech positions. Companies always need technology experts, and they are willing to pay handsomely for the right expertise.

However, as we know, compared to the previous turbulent period of high demand, the need for tech professionals has slowed and the IT sector is stabilising, with growth slowing and salaries recalibrating in turn.

There is good news for job seekers though. As our latest Contractor Rate Guide + Market Insights report reveals, specialised IT skills are still in high demand, AI will continue to drive job requirements, and projects still need to be completed.

The roles commanding some of the highest rates and salaries in the industry, with many paying upwards of AUD 200,000 annually, are:

  • Solution Architect: designs comprehensive IT solutions that address complex business needs, making them crucial for ensuring systems align with company goals and providing a competitive edge.

  • SAP Consultant: expertise and guidance in customising SAP systems is essential for businesses to optimise their processes.

  • Information Architect: organises data and content in a user-friendly manner, which is vital for the usability and findability of information in digital products, impacting user experience and satisfaction.

  • Programme Manager: oversees and coordinates multiple related projects, ensuring alignment with strategic business objectives.

  • Senior Project Manager: lead and direct complex projects to successful completion, their experienced oversight ensures risks are managed and objectives are met on time and budget.

  • Program Director: responsible for the delivery of large-scale programs, integrating multiple projects to achieve strategic business goals.

  • Architects (Application, Integration, Security, Enterprise, Solutions): these Architects create the frameworks that play a pivotal role in operational continuity, security, and scalability.

  • Engineering Manager: leads engineering teams and projects, ensuring technical excellence, which is essential for the development of high-quality, innovative products and services.

For details on the earning potential of these positions, download the full report here.

We have broken the positions down across seven of our key specialisations. According to our extensive data, here are some of the highest rates for the top paid positions in each specialisation:

AI + Robotics (between AUD1,150 and AUD1,330 per day)

  • AI Engineer/Analyst

  • Senior Data Engineer

BI + Data Analytics (between AUD1,190 ​and AUD1,520 per day)

  • Information Architect

  • BI Architect

  • Data Modeller

ERP + SAP + CRM (between AUD1,200 ​and AUD1,420 per day)

  • SAP Consultant ​

  • Enterprise Architect

  • ERP Consultant

Cloud + Infrastructure (between AUD1,290 ​and AUD1,320 per day)

  • Technical Specialist

  • Systems Engineer

  • Solution Architect

Project Services + Transformation (between AUD1,330 ​and AUD1,490 per day) ​​

  • Programme Manager

  • Delivery Manager ​

  • Senior Project Manager

Security + Cyber Security (between AUD1,290 ​and AUD1,470 per day) ​

  • Security Architect

  • Security Consultant

  • Cyber Security Specialist

Software Development + Testing (between AUD1,180 ​and AUD1,240 per day) ​​

  • Integration Specialist

  • Senior Developer

  • Java Developer

Download the full report to see the low, medium and high rates for all contract positions across all specialisations.


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