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Top tips for effective job searching - find your dream job faster

Are you trawling the internet for your dream job but not having any luck? Finding your dream job can be difficult, particularly if you don't have the right approach. Putting together a great job application will only get you so far, if you are not connecting with the right employers that are looking for the skills that you have to offer. To help you connect with your dream job faster, we have put together some simple tips that will help speed up the job searching process:

Firstly, identify job sources

Use multiple channels to identify job opportunities. Job boards are by no means an exhaustive source - consider using other avenues such as networking, LinkedIn, employers' career pages, recruiters, referrals, word of mouth etc. Also contact old colleagues and contacts within your extended network, a lot of job opportunities are unadvertised so you never know your luck.

Think about what is right for you

Understand your values, interests, skills, accomplishments, experience, and goals.  Think about what type of organisation you want to work for, and what role aligns with your career aspirations. This will help you target your job search, and you will have more of a chance of success - rather than applying for every job hoping you will stumble across your dream role. Also make sure that you think about what skills employers are looking for, and how your skillset fits in with their requirements.

Subscribe to industry publications

Keeping abreast of industry developments is always important, however it is particularly important when job hunting. Subscribe to industry publications as they may help you identify opportunities.Prospective employers will also be impressed when you talk through market trends and industry developments at your interview. It may be a key determinant that sets you apart from other candidates.

Use LinkedIn to your advantage

If you are not on LinkedIn, you won't easily be found by recruiters and potential employers. Make sure you optimise your LinkedIn profile,and position yourself correctly so that jobs come to you. You should tailor your profile and skills to the types of jobs that you want to attract, and use keywords that recruiters and potential employers will search for.

Devote a set amount of time per day to make sure you are effective

Structure your job search so you have a set amount of time set aside per day for job hunting. This helps to eliminate procrastination, and also helps to keep focus. Make sure you stick to your allotted timeframe, and set targets to make sure you are effective.

Be flexible

You may have to be flexible and adjust your expectations if you have been searching for a job for a long period with no success. Consider looking in new geographic areas – perhaps work from home options can minimise the stress of the commute.

Consider a temp job in the interim

Temp jobs can be a great way to learn new skills and gain experience while you are looking for a permanent role. Consider a temp job with a company that may be of interest to you – this can also be a good way to get your foot in the door, and put you first in line when a permanent role becomes available.

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Finding your dream role is not an easy task, make sure you stay positive. Another big tip to get ahead is to make your LinkedIn summary stand out. Read how to do this here.

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