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A cheerful young woman showcasing a polka-dotted green blouse on a hanger.

What to wear to an interview

Congratulations, you have made it to an interview! Now it's time to impress - and we know how hard it is deciding what to wear to an interview. Your wardrobe tells its own story, and visually you want to be successful. You are going to the interview based on your skills and experience as outlined in your resume, but how you dress and present yourself can convey a great deal about your perceived character, seriousness, values, work ethic and viability as a future employee. Before choosing your interview outfit, take some time to consider what story you want to tell. Your Paxus Recruiter is your best source of information for getting the right look and feel. Ask them what the best options are. Questions like, do I need to wear a suit? What do other employees wear? can help you with your clothing choices. Your Recruiter and Account Manager know the client and the culture of the place where you are interviewing. Their great relationship with the client will help make sure that you fit right in.

Here are our top tips on what to wear to an interview:
  • To showcase your professionalism, opt for a sophisticated and sharp suit, or shirt and jacket

  • To communicate your creativity, select one bold or brightly statement piece, such as a tie or necklace

  • Avoid outfits with large logos or odd or inappropriate messages

  • Stay away from too much jewellery.  Too many chains, necklaces or bangles can cause unnecessary noise (clanging together) or a distraction.

How we can help

Remember, if you are still unsure, opt to be overdressed rather than underdressed. For further advice contact your Paxus recruiter.

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