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10 Tips for productive remote working

Remote working comes with a plethora of benefits from saving money and time, to psychologically making you happier. Alongside the benefits there can be challenges, making it a bit less productive than desired. Below we outline ten tips to make remote working the most productive it can be.

1. Sleep schedule

Wake up at the same time as though you were getting ready to start your daily commute to work. Use the extra time to get settled into the day, and to get rid of any personal tasks that you may sneakily try to tackle during work hours.

2. You are what you eat

Get some good fuel. Remember, what you eat has a direct effect on how productive you are throughout the day. Expert dietitians recommend foods low in glycemic carbohydrates (such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains) for optimal performance.

3. Get organised

Create a list of tasks for the day and allocate reasonable and achievable amounts of time to complete each activity. Use your discretion to set a prioritising system to know what activities to tackle first. In addition to your daily task lists, make a habit of keeping track of your upcoming activities in the weeks and months ahead. Getting into the habit of using a planner will help track deadlines, appointments, meetings and can also help ensure you keep a healthy, work-life balance.

4. Stay connected

With an unlimited amount of inexpensive and free communication technologies, there is no excuse to not check in with colleagues and management throughout the day. Communication is the key to staying on track and up-to-date with business agendas, so don’t make the telecommute seem like you’re hidden from the workplace.

5. Set up your workspace

Invest in a comfortable permanent workspace. Having a go-to location that is dedicated to working can give you a clear mindset that is ready to focus on the tasks at hand. Decorate it with items that spark enthusiasm and also be sure to have all tools in an organised mess to avoid wasting time.

6. Stick to a schedule

While it is tempting to mix up the work-day, scheduling non-work appointments the same way you would in the office is best for productivity. To minimise disruptions to your work, make your personal appointments either first thing in the morning, in your lunch hour, or at the very end of the day.

7. Exercise

Get some exercise in. Whether it’s a morning walk or a lunchtime HIIT class, getting those endorphins flowing will hit you with a mental boost and will also help keep your body in a healthy and happy state!

8. Stay focused

Stay out of the kitchen mid-task. It’s tempting to take a ‘think walk’ around the house and make a pit stop at the fridge when it’s right there, but not only does that mean you’re constantly snacking, it also means you will be procrastinating and losing your train of thought when your focus should be on trying to the task done.

9. Music

Listen to music. Studies have shown that listening to music while working can boost productivity. If you’re not sure what is the best try; classical for abstract reasoning, video game soundtracks for focus, nature for concentration or relaxation, high-power for confidence, feel good for endorphins and white noise to keep you calm and block out distractions.

10. Reward yourself

Use a rewards system! As you tick things off your list, give yourself mini rewards to keep your motivation on a high. Rewards could be things like making a coffee, going for a stroll, a healthy snack, watching a YouTube video, or going on an exciting outing on your lunch break.

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