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Paxus training academy creating the recruitment stars of the future

​“This role requires a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role”.

Sound familiar? When starting a career or making a career change, getting your foot in the door can be a challenge. If you got in – it can also be a daunting task to get up to speed with what may be expected of you, especially if there’s a lack of training and support.

Introducing Paxus Training Academy

This year we launched the Paxus Training Academy. A first for Paxus, this training program is designed to help individuals with no experience in recruitment break into the industry and start their new career.

Whether the individual has a background in customer service, is straight out of university, or anything in between - we’ve established a structured three-month training program to teach our Talent Scouts the world of recruitment and the skills required to succeed in it.

What do they learn and what’s the goal?

Our training program leads our Talent Scouts through the journey of developing their passion for candidates and sourcing management. We teach them what to look for when sourcing the perfect candidate, the recruitment lingo, and the processes we follow for quality and compliance.

Ultimately, we turn them into successful and confident junior recruiters.

Meet the first round of Talent Scouts

Sonia Robertson, Adelaide

Sonia joined the Adelaide team after completing a Bachelor of Management (Marketing). She started working in a customer service-based role on contract but decided to explore the world of recruitment after her mum spoke so highly of it throughout her upbringing.

Sonia says she loves the idea of helping someone land their dream job. She joined the Paxus Training Academy because it gives her an opportunity to hit the ground running and progress to a Recruitment Consultant.

Shivali Sethi, Sydney

As a Digital Marketing and UX graduate, Shivali developed an enthusiasm for all things technology. This passion for tech-led her to pursue a career in tech recruitment through the Paxus Training Academy. The team focus at Paxus has made Shivali feel at home from day one and she is excited to see where the program takes her.

Chiara Ciavarella, Melbourne

Chiara comes from a background in customer service, sales, and administration. Her career goal is to become a recruiter. So she was very excited to come across the Paxus Training Academy to start her career in recruitment as a Talent Scout. She says she is very excited to see where her journey at Paxus eventuates.

Jock Cudmore, Brisbane

Assisting people and working in tech are both passions of Jock’s. The Paxus Training Academy provided Jock with the opportunity to combine his passions by pursuing a people-focused career in tech recruitment. He is ready to make a positive impact on people by helping them take the next steps in their professional careers.

Kate Tomlinson, Canberra

Coming from a background in customer service, Kate’s motivation to start a career in recruitment came from when she was applying for roles and meeting with recruitment consultants. Kate found the role of a recruiter interesting and decided she wanted to pursue a career in recruitment herself. Without experience in recruitment, she was excited to come across the Paxus Training Academy which provided her with a step in the door. She hopes to grow within the company by developing her enthusiasm for helping people.

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