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Why you should continuously upskill in today’s digital and tech sector

There’s no doubt it’s important for everyone in the workforce to regularly develop and expand their skillsets. However, for those in the digital and tech sector, professional development is not only important but critical for long-term employability.

In just the last few years, we’ve seen technological advancements drastically change the way in which we work. Driven by the democratisation of technology, all types of businesses – regardless of industry and business size, can now affordably access new technologies through SaaS. Plus, there’s also been growing trends of utilising AI and machine learning, as well as the ever-increasing need to implement and maintain systems to safeguard us against cyberattacks.

All of this has contributed to the increasing demand for people to support these emerging technologies. But it’s also widening the skills gap between IT professionals with outdated experience and the skills required to perform these new roles.

As the speed and breadth of this movement will affect everyone, it’s crucial to adapt and continually build and expand your skills so you don’t get left behind. Below are some ideas to help you do this.

Make learning a priority

Often, the most common objection to professional development is a lack of time. We all live busy lives – both inside and outside work. However, making excuses and not investing in yourself now may mean you’re limiting your employment options in the future.

This also doesn’t need to take a lot of time either. Merely scheduling and sticking to a regular session each week can make a big difference. It also helps to recognise how you learn best, and what you’re most interested in, and adapt your learning strategy to suit.

Keep up with industry news

Nowadays, it’s easy to keep up with new developments and technologies within your industry. Sign up for industry eNewsletters, blogs, follow industry experts on social media, as well as attend industry conferences and seminars – all of which can be a goldmine of information.

Educational courses

If you’re a permanent employee, check if your employer offers any staff development and training.

Other options include:

Paxus Training

Unique in the industry, Paxus offers all our contractors free access to Skillsoft Percipio, so they have the opportunity to continuously upskill in areas that are in high demand. This platform offers training certifications, courses, and books on a broad range of topics, including cybersecurity, software development, analytics, a number of programming languages, and so on.

If you’re a current contractor with Paxus, contact your Contact Care Consultant to find out more. Otherwise, browse our current contractor opportunities today to start working with us.

Online Training Courses
If you’re not yet working with Paxus, there’s a number of companies that offer free or low-cost online courses. These include LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, MOOC.org, Codeacademy, as well as many others.

Industry Associations

Joining relevant associations and groups not only provides a great networking opportunity but is another way to build your knowledge. Many hold regular events with industry expert speakers, plus they often have mentoring programs to take part in.

Volunteer for New Projects at Work

Be proactive by offering to take part in new projects at work. The best way to learn and to really cement those new skills is by doing it. Plus, it also provides hands-on experience for you to add to your resume.

As a digital or tech professional, it’s essential to constantly expand your skillset to ensure you have sought-after and relevant skills in today’s world. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time and effort, just the commitment of making it a priority.

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