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Human and ai collaboration: touching the future of technology.

Potential to Reality: AI & the IT job market

Is the rhetoric around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on jobs all it is said to be? We think so.

Tech has seen a significant increase in demand for AI related skills over the last few years. This will only grow in the immediate future, and AI transformation will continue to drive the skill mix.

Tech and digital are predictably among those industries most impacted. With experts at LinkedIn anticipating only 23% of the industry will be 'insulated' from a significant AI impact. As time goes on, certain roles and skill requirements will diminish. But at the same time, we’ve already seen plenty of demand for new and existing tech jobs.

New opportunities will continue to emerge and skills that supplement AI will continue to be vital. The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts that certain positions will increase by 30% by 2027. These AI tech job opportunities include Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Big Data specialists, and AI Machine Learning specialists.

Job posts on LinkedIn that mention AI in the job description have seen 17% higher application growth in the last two years compared to jobs that do not. There has been a 110% increase in job posts mentioning generative AI in Australia over the same period, and job applications have increased by 190% with job seekers drawn to those roles.

Substantial demand lives with AI Engineer, with continued rapid growth in advertised roles over the last Quarters of 2023 (accessed Dec 23). But it’s not a new role – many of the skills for the job have been in demand for a long time, like Python Programming and Machine Learning.

Not to be left behind, Human Resources and recruitment teams alike are in the midst of researching and implementing AI recruitment tools to save time and resources in their own hiring process. And of course, to support them in finding stand-out candidates.

What’s clear is that 2024 and the next few years beyond will see a fast-moving and dynamic AI job market. Big things will happen. The time is now to prepare for the future of work, for both employers and candidates – to identify the skills necessary, the gaps emerging and the potential requirements (including salary rates) to attract top talent.

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